expat life

Protest Alley

The air in Delhi has been foul and reached the highest levels of pollution ever in the past days. I feel it when I go outside; my eyes burn, my throat gets scratchy and I get a nasty headache. Fortunately we have purifiers in our house, so the majority of the time we're breathing moderately clean air, but my heart goes out to the 24 million and something other people in the city who breath toxins 24/7. 

We move around so much and are always somewhere on a temporary basis. I am aware of the risk of becoming rootless and not attached to any place at all. That's why I purposely choose to be an active citizen of every country I live in and feel connected to the people who are there.  I'm not just passing by, I want to care. So last Sunday, instead of making plans to leave town as soon as possible, I put on my mask and joined a rally against pollution.

The protest was in a street where people can demonstrate permanently. On a stretch of about one kilometer there were tents with protesters, all for different causes, shouting various declamations through microphones. Since I don't know Hindi, it was a bit difficult to decipher what it was all about, but as you can see, there are many unresolved issues people struggle with day in day out.