I live in a community where people come and go. It's kind of sad, because it involves a lot of goodbyes, heartbreaks and farewells. On the other hand, it is really special to meet so many people who come from a totally different culture, country and background and realise that you have a love for something in common. The best thing to do then is spend your time together and enjoy it to the max.

'Harmattan' is the living embodiment of this transient life. A group of colleagues and friends got together to play their favorite songs and turned into a full blown rockband. They practiced once a week, performed occasionally and had a steady group of groupies. 6 people, all from different countries, who know how to seize the perks of a nomadic life.

I shot these images of the very last concert of Harmattan as we knew it. Two band members have moved on to other continents and are building up their new lives. Thank goodness over the summer new musicians arrived and practice has started again.

Can't wait to got to their next concert!