Project Why

A few weeks ago I was asked to document Project Why, an NGO in New Delhi that provides after school care to underprivileged children. Most children come from poor families, live in slums and go to schools where they are beaten and quality of education is very low. Project Why provides a loving, warm environment in which children can thrive and feel safe. Many kids who have been part of the program end up working at the centres themselves, others are able to go to university or join the army afterwards.

Besides after school programs, Project Why offers vocational courses to adults and runs a day school for mentally disabled children.  

Whenever I photograph children who live under completely different circumstances than my own kids, I am struck by the similarities they have. All are curious, want to learn, talk and be loved. All have dreams and talents, different personalities and a need for a safe environment in which they can be themselves and thrive. Project Why reaches out in a caring way and is able to make a substantial difference.

I was really touching to see how these kind of initiatives go a long way. If you would like to support Project Why, please check out their website.

Journée Portes Ouvertes 2014, UHCHR

On 17 September 2014,  the Regional office of UHCHR West Africa opened its doors for the national and international community of workers in the field of human rights in West Africa. The aim of the day was to inform about the work of the UHCHR in the region and focus on how all stakeholders can work together on various issues. I was there to take photographs and shot a promotional video of the day and the work that the office is doing.

When it comes to human rights there's so much to be done in this region. Therefor, it was very inspiring to learn about the initiatives that are being taken, the determination amongst the organisations to improve the human rights of minority groups and to sense the hope for a future where all people have equal opportunities and the freedom to be and express who they are.